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Douglas J Buttrey

Douglas Buttrey
  • Full Professor

326 CLB
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716
302-831-1048 (fax)

  • Doctorate - 1984 Purdue University
  • Masters - 1978 Purdue University
  • Bachelors - 1976 Wayne State University

"Our research effort is directed toward synthesis and characterization of functional complex oxides, oxyhalides, and multimetallic nanomaterials. Relationships between composition, structure, and physical properties are sought for catalysis, fuel cell, and photovoltaic applications."

XSelected Publications

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  1. T. Konya, T. Katou,, T. Murayama, S. Ishikawa, M. Sadakane, D. Buttrey, W. Ueda, "Orthorhombic Mo3VOx Catalyst Most Active for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane Among Related Complex Metal Oxides", Catal. Sci. Technol 3 (2), 380, (2013)
  2. J. Zhang, P. H. Tobash, W. D. Pryz, D. J. Buttrey, N. Hur, J. D. Thompson ?, J. L. Sarrao, and S. Bobev, "Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Physical Properties of the Early Rare-Earth Metal Digermanides REGe2?x (x ? 1/4) [RE = La?Nd, Sm]. A Case Study of Commensurately and Incommensurately Modulated Structures", Inorg. Chem. 52 (2), 953, (2013)
  3. A. Javadekar, A. Jayakumar, R. J. Gorte, J. M. Vohs, D. J. Buttrey, "Energy Storage in Electrochemical Cells with Molten Sb Electrodes", Journal of The Electrochemical Society A386, 159, (2012)
  4. X. Li, D. J. Buttrey, M. A. Barteau, D. A. Blom, and T. Vogt, "Improvement of the Structural Model for the M1 Phase Mo-V-Nb-Te-O Propane (Amm)oxidation Catalyst", Topics in Catal 54, 614, (2011)
  5. D. A. Blom, X. Li, S. Mitra, T. Vogt, and D. J. Buttrey, "STEM HAADF Image Simulation of the Orthorhombic M1 Phase in the Mo-V-Te-Nb-O Propane Oxidation Catalyst", ChemCatChem 3 (6), 1028, (2011)
  6. A. Javadekar, A. Jayakumar, R. J. Gorte, J. M. Vohs, and D. J. Buttrey, "Characteristics of Molten Alloys as Anodes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells", Journal of The Electrochemical Society 158(12), B1472, (2011)
  7. A. Jayakumar, R. Kungas, Sounak Roy, Ashay Javadekar, Douglas J. Buttrey, John M. Vohs and Raymond J. Gorte, "A Direct Carbon Fuel Cell with a Molten Antimony Anode", Energy and Environmental Science 4 (10), 4133, (2011)
  8. I. Baldychev, A. Javadekar, D. J. Buttrey, J. M. Vohs, and R. J. Gorte, "A Comparison of Redox Properties and Methanol Oxidation Rates for Molybdenum-Based Mixed Oxides", Appl. Catal. A ? General 394 (1-2), 287, (2011)
  9. W. D. Pyrz, D. A. Blom, M. Sadakane, K. Kodato, W. Ueda, T. Vogt, and D. J. Buttrey, "Atomic-Level Imaging of MoVO Complex Oxide Phase Intergrowth, Grain Boundaries, and Defects using HAADF-STEM", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 107, 6152, (2010)
  10. W. D. Pyrz, D. A. Blom, M. Sadakane, K. Kodato, W. Ueda, T. Vogt, and D. J. Buttrey, "Atomic-Scale Investigation of Two-Component MoVO Complex Oxide Catalysts Using Aberration-Corrected High-Angle Annular Dark-Field Imaging", Chem. Mater 22, 2033, (2010)


XSelected Awards

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  1. DuPont Young Faculty Award: 1988
  2. SOHIO Research Fellow (SOHIO: 1984)
  3. Keynote Speaker - 7th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis
  4. Purdue Chemistry Outstanding Alumni Award for 2012
  5. David Ross Fellow (Purdue Resarch Foundation)

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