Thomas H Epps, III

Thomas Epps, III
  • Thomas and Kipp Gutshall Senior Career Development Professor
  • Director, Center for Research in Soft matter & Polymers (CRiSP)
  • Director, Center for Molecular & Engineering Thermodynamics (CMET)
  • Joint Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Affiliated Professor, Biomedical Engineering

232 CLB
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716
302-831-1048 (fax)

  • Post-Doctorate - 2006 NRC Postdoctoral Fellow - NIST
  • Doctorate - 2004 University of Minnesota
  • Masters - 1999 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bachelors - 1998 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"We design novel high-performance polymeric materials from biobased and renewable feedstocks [including recycling, LCA, TEA], along with materials for battery membranes and other ion-conduction applications; nanostructured thin films for lithographic and surface modification (friction, wear, adhesion) applications; stimuli-responsive assemblies in solution for drug delivery and gene therapy; and polymer/MOF (metal organic framework) composites for pollution and CWA remediation. We manipulate polymer internal and external interfacial characteristics in bulk, thin film, and solution environments to influence the ordering and stability of polymer structures, particularly using block copolymers and polymer blend systems."

Five main areas of interest include: (see Research Group heading for more information)

1. Ion-conducting battery membranes

2. Biobased materials from waste feedstocks to create performance-advantaged polymer systems

3. Nanostructured polymers - linking structure/property/processing relationships in thin film and coatings fabrication

4. Stimuli-responsive polymer systems for targeted drug delivery and gene therapy applications

5. Polymer/MOF mixed-matrix composites for chemical warfare agent (CWA) remediation"

XSelected Publications

For a complete listing of publications, please view the Full CV.
  1. Kelley, E. G.; Albert, J. N. L.; Sullivan, M. O.; Epps, T. H., III, "Stimuli-Responsive Copolymer Solution and Surface Assemblies for Biomedical Applications", Chemical Society Reviews 42, 7057, (2013)
  2. Holmberg, A. L.; Reno, K. H.; Wool, R. P.; Epps, T. H., III, "Biobased Building Blocks for the Rational Design of Renewable Block Copolymers", Soft Matter 10, 7405, (2014)
  3. Kelley, E. G.; Murphy, R. P.; Seppala, J. E.; Smart, T. P.; Hann, S. D.; Sullivan, M. O.; Epps, T. H., III, "Size Evolution of Highly Amphiphillic Macromolecular Solution Assemblies via a Distinct Bimodal Pathway", Nature Communications 5, 3599, (2014)
  4. Shelton, C. K.; Epps, T. H., III, "Block Copolymer Thin Films: Characterizing Nanostructure Evolution with In Situ X-ray and Neutron Scattering", Polymer 105, 545, (2016)
  5. Greco, C. T.; Epps, T. H., III; Sullivan, M. O., "Mechanistic Design of Polymer Nanocarriers to Spatiotemporally Control Gene Silencing", ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 2(9), 1582, (2016)
  6. Greco, C. T.; Muir, V. G.; Epps, T. H., III; Sullivan, M. O., "Efficient Tuning of siRNA Dose Response by Combining Mixed Polymer Nanocarriers with Simple Kinetic Modeling", Acta Biomaterialia 50, 407, (2017)
  7. Morris, M. A.; Gartner, T. E.; Epps, T. H., III, "TALENT: Regulating Block Polymer Structure, Properties, and Processability for Nanostructured Materials Systems", Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 218, 1600513, (2017)
  8. Peterson, G.W.; Lu, A.X.; Hall, M.G.; Browe, M.A.; Tovar, T.M.; Epps, T.H., III, "MOFwich: Sandwiched Mixed Matrix Membranes from Layered Metal-Organic Framework/Polymer Composites", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10(8), 6820, (2018)
  9. Wang, S.; Shuai, L.; Saha, B.; Vlachos, D.G.; Epps, T.H., III, "From Tree to Tape: Direct Synthesis of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives from Depolymerized Raw Lignocellulosic Biomass", ACS Central Science 4(6), 701, (2018)
  10. Holmberg, A. L.; Nguyen, N. A.; Karavolias, M. G.; Reno, K. H.; Wool, R. P.; Epps, T. H., III, "Syringyl Methacrylate, a Hardwood Lignin-Based Monomer for High-Tg Polymeric Materials", ACS Macro Letters 5(5), 574, (2016)


  1. Multivariate HKUST-1 Based Metal Organic Frameworks with Reactive Amine Group (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/781938): T. H. Epps, III, G. Peterson, 2018
  2. Bio-based copolymer electrolytes and binders for batteries (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/713571): T. H. Epps, III, M. Morris, 2018
  3. Tapered Block Copolymer Electrolytes (U.S. Pat. #9,935,332): T. H. Epps, III, W. Kuan, 2018
  4. Lignin-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/615040): T. H. Epps, III, S. Wang, L. Shuai, B. Saha, D. G. Vlachos, 2018
  5. Stress-Responsive Compositions and Uses Thereof (International Appl.) (PCT/US2017/47375): T. H. Epps, III, M. B. Gordon, G. E. Knappe, S. Wang, N. J. Wagner, 2017
  6. Layered Mixed Matrix Membranes from Metal-Organic Frameworks and Metal Oxides (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/545559): T. H. Epps, III, G. W. Peterson, A. X. Lu, J. S. Epps, 2017
  7. Hybrid Formulation of Responsive Polymeric Nanocarriers for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Delivery (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/362085): T. H. Epps, III, C. T. Greco, M. O. Sullivan, 2017
  8. One-Step, Continuous Device and Approach to Solvent Cast and Shear-Align Block Copolymer Nanostructures (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/264986): T. H. Epps, III, C. M. Shelton, 2016
  9. Bio-Based Block Polymers Derived from Lignin and Fatty Acids (U.S. Pat. #9,512,249): T. H. Epps, III, A. L. Holmberg, J. F. Stanzione, III, R. P. Wool, 2016
  10. New Biobased Hardwood Monomers for Tuning Polymer Properties (U.S. Prov. Appl.) (62/191551): T. H. Epps, III, A. L. Holmberg, K. H. Reno, 2016

XSelected Awards

For a complete listing of awards, please view the Full CV.
  1. John H. Dillon Medal (American Physical Society: 2016)
  2. Owens Corning Early Career Award (AIChE: 2015)
  3. Kavli Fellow (National Academy of Sciences: 2014)
  4. Frontiers of Science Participant (National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Japan-US: 2014)
  5. Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award: 2014
  6. Frontiers of Engineering Participant (National Academy of Engineering (NAE) US-EU: 2013)
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor Award (MIT: 2012)
  8. Thomas and Kipp Gutshall Chair of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (University of Delaware: 2012)
  9. Gerard J. Mangone Young Scholar Award (Alison Young Professor) (University of Delaware: 2011)
  10. DuPont Young Professor Award: 2010

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