Dionisios G Vlachos

Dionisios Vlachos
  • Joint Professor, Physics & Astronomy
  • Director, Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation
  • Elizabeth Inez Kelley Professor

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716
302-831-1048 (fax)

  • Doctorate - 1992 University of Minnesota
  • Masters - 1990 University of Minnesota
  • Bachelors - 1987 National Technical University of Athens

"Our research group leads the development of hierarchical, multiscale models and simulations, including high throughput computing, and their validation with experiments over a multitude of length and time scales. Our application research portfolio encompasses catalysis, rational design of catalysts, sustainable energy, portable microchemical devices for power and chemical generation, fuels and chemicals from biomass via thermochemical routes, detailed reaction mechanism development, reactor design, nanomaterials, scale-up of self-assembly and self-organization (e.g., in heteroepitaxy)."

XSelected Publications

For a complete listing of publications, please view the Full CV.
  1. M. S. Mettler, S. H. Mushrif, A. D. Paulsen, A. D. Javadekar, D. G. Vlachos, and P. J. Dauenhauer, "Revealing Pyrolysis Chemistry for Biofuels Production: Conversion of Cellulose to Furans and Small Oxygenates", Energy Env. Sci; highlighted in Nature Chemistry 5, 5414, (2012)
  2. M. Salciccioli, W. Yu, M. A. Barteau, J. G. Chen, and D. G. Vlachos, "Differentiation of O-H and C-H Bond Scission Mechanisms of Ethylene Glycol on Pt and Ni/Pt Using Theory and Isotopic Labeling Experiments", J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133 (20), 7996, (2011)
  3. M. Salciccioli, M. Stamatakis, S. Caratzoulas, and D. G. Vlachos, "A review of multiscale modeling of metal-catalyzed reactions: Mechanism development for complexity and emergent behavior", Chem. Eng. Sci. 66, 4319, (2011)
  4. S. Caratzoulas and D. G. Vlachos, "Converting fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural: A quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study of the mechanism and energetics", Carbohyd. Res 346, 664, (2011)
  5. D. A. Hansgen, D. G. Vlachos, and J. G. Chen, "First Principles-Based Bimetallic Catalyst Prediction: An Application to the Ammonia Decomposition Reaction", Nature Chem 2(5), 484, (2010)
  6. G. D. Stefanidis and D. G. Vlachos, "Intensification of steam reforming of natural gas: Choosing combustible fuel and reforming catalyst", Chem. Eng. Sci. 65, 398, (2010)
  7. A. Donazzi, M. Maestri, B. C. Michael, A. Beretta, P. Forzatti, G. Groppi, E. Tronconi, L. D. Schmidt, and D. G. Vlachos, "Microkinetic modeling of spatially resolved autothermal CH4 catalytic partial oxidation experiments over Rh-coated foams", Journal of Catalysis 275, 270, (2010)
  8. A.M. Karim, V. Prasad, G. Mpourmpakis, W.W. Lonergan, A.I. Frenkel, J.G. Chen, and D.G. Vlachos, "Correlating Particle Size and Shape of Supported Ru/g-Al2O3 with NH3 Decomposition Activity", Journal of the American Chemical Society 131, 12230, (2009)
  9. D. D. Kragten, J. M. Fedeyko, K. R. Sawant, J. D. Rimer, D. G. Vlachos, R. F. Lobo, and M. Tsapatsis, "The structure of the silica phase extracted from silica/TPAOH solutions containing nanoparticlesinteracting systems", Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 10006, (2003)
  10. Z. Lai, G. Bonilla, G. Nery, I. Diaz-Carretero, K. Sujaoti, M.A. Amat, E. Kokkoli, O. Terasaki, R.W. Thompson, M. Tsapatsis, D.G. Vlachos, "Microstructural optimization of a zeolite membrane for organic vapor separation", Science 300, 456, (2003)


XSelected Awards

For a complete listing of awards, please view the Full CV.
  1. Executive Editor (Chemical Engineering Science: 2011)
  2. AAAS Fellow (American Association for the Advancement of Science: 2009)
  3. Elizabeth Inez Kelley Professorship of Chemical Engineering (University of Delaware: 2009)
  4. Top 100 Engineers (Int. Biographical Centre: 2009)
  5. George Piercy Distinguished Visiting Professorship ( Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department, University of Minnesota: 2007)
  6. Chemical Engineering Science Most Cited 2003-2006 Paper Award, for the paper of "Mesoscopic modeling of transport and reaction in microporous crystalline membranes", Chem. Engng Sci. 58, 895-901 (2003) by M. A. Snyder, D. G. Vlachos, and M. A. Katsoulakis: 2003
  7. Provost's Merit Award (University of Delaware: 2002 - 2003)
  8. Outstanding Advisor Service Award (College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts: 1997)
  9. National Science Foundation Career Award (National Science Foundation: 1997)
  10. Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts: 1997)

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