Richard P Wool

Richard Wool

307 CLB
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19716
302-831-1048 (fax)

  • Doctorate - 1974 University of Utah
  • Masters - 1972 University of Utah
  • Bachelors - 1970 University College Cork, Ireland

"Materials science and engineering focuses on the fundamental relationships between microscopic and macroscopic optical/thermal/electrical/mechanical properties. We apply this paradigm to our research in Polymer Interfaces, Dynamics, Composites and Plastics from Renewable Resources. For example, in thermoplastic welds, we will try to understand the strength development and durability of the weld in terms of the polymer dynamics controlling the interdiffusion process and the microscopic deformation mechanisms involving disentanglement and rupture of chains. By inter-relating microscopic measurements (e.g., Neutron Reflection, SIMS, XPS, FTIR) and macroscopic (e.g., Fracture, Fatigue, Thermal, Optical) measurements on model materials systems, we obtain fundamental solutions with broad application."

XSelected Publications

For a complete listing of publications, please view the Full CV.
  1. Wool, R.P., "Self-Healing Materials: A review.", Journal of Soft Matter (2008)
  2. Wool, R.P., "Twinkling Fractal Theory of the glass Transition and Yield.", (2007)
  3. Bonnaillie, L.M., Wool R.P., "Thermosetting foam with a high bio-based content from acrylated epoxidized soybean oil and carbon dioxide.", Journal of Applied Polymer Science 105(3), 1042, (2007)
  4. Lu J., Wool R.P., "Sheet molding compound resins from soybean oil: Thickening behavior and mechanical properties.", Polymer Science and Engineering 47(9), 1469, (2007)
  5. Wook R.P., Bunker S.P., "Polymer-Solid interface connectivity and adhesion: Design of a bio-based pressure sensitive adhesive.", Journal of Adhesion 83(10), 907, (2007)
  6. Esen H., Kusefoglu S., Wool R.P., "Photolytic and free-radical polymerization of monomethyl maleate esters of epoxidized plant oil triglycerides.", Journal of Applied Polymer Science 103(1), 626, (2007)
  7. Wool R.P., "Advanced Bio-Based Polymers and Composites", (2007)
  8. Wool R.P., "Triglyceride-Based Polymers and Composites", (2007)
  9. Wool, R.P., "Entanglement Models for Bio-Based Polymer Rheology: Percolation or Packing?", (2007)
  10. Zhu L., Wool R.P., "Nanoclay reinforced bio-based elastomers: Synthesis and characterization.", Polymer 47(24), 8106, (2006)


  1. Process for Improving Interfacial Adhesion in a Laminate (7033458): Chang, Y. and Wool, R.P., 2006
  2. Sheet Molding Compound Resins from Plant Oils (6,900,261): , 2005
  3. High Modulus Polymers and Composites from Plant Oils (6,646,033): S. Kusefoglu,R. Zhao,G. Palmese, S.Khot, 2003
  4. Injection Moldable Biodegradable Starch Polymer Composites (5,162,392): Schiltz, D.C. and Steiner, D., 1992
  5. Rigid Thermosetting Liquid Molding Resins from Plant Oils (App. :UD02-21): Can, E. and Wool, R.P.
  6. Low Dielectric Constant Materials from Plant Oils (App. Serial #: 60/39): Wool, R.P. and Hong, C.K.
  7. Monolithic Hurricane Resistant Structural Panels Made with Low Density Composites (Ap UD-114US):
  8. Bio-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (): Bunker, SP

XSelected Awards

For a complete listing of awards, please view the Full CV.
  1. Distinguished Paper Award (Adhesion Society: 2007)
  2. Discover Award Semifinalist: 2000
  3. Discover Award Semifinalist: 2000
  4. Technical Innovation Award for Composites Excellence (Composite Fabricators Association)
  5. Innovations in Real Materials Award (International Society for Innovation in Materials Research)
  6. Fellow, American Physical Society, Division of High Polymer Physics (American Physical Society)

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