eXPatGen: An On-line Gene Expression Pattern Generator

We have endeavored to develop a useful simulator of gene expression patterns, modeled after the microarray experiments of Pat Brown's group, in order to evaluate different analysis methods, such as clustering, principle component analysis (PCA), and self-organized maps (SOMs). We hope you find this simulator an interesting tool for generating hypothetical expression patterns.

To help get you started, two example eXPatGen input forms for two different regulatory networks can be found here

Note: The simulator and this website are still in the process of being developed and as such are subject to significant changes over time.

The following input form generates the first of two pages used to provide the necessary parameters for the simulation.

To investigate the different expression models available to you, use the following Graphing Applet

Number of Gene Groups (max 20):
The simulation uses the different gene groups to represent genes that have similiar dynamics (i.e. co-expressed). In the next input page each gene group will be defined by their base dynamics

Number of Environmental Conditions (max 20):
The different environmental conditions are used by the simulation to represent how the cells might react to different environments through the induction or repression of different gene groups. For the simulation of differential expression patterns, the first environmental condition would be defined as not changing from its initial state (i.e. control sample).
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