4+1 BCHE/MEPT Program


The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has added a 4+1 program in Particle Technology to allow BCHE students to take up to 6 credits (2 courses) from MEPT core courses and MEPT approved relavant elective courses that will be “dual-counted” towards their Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees. The dual-counted courses must be taken as CHEG Electives for the undergraduate degree. The objective is to prepare students to meet the expectations of employers in the processing industry with respect to particle technology expertise and is in consideration of BCHE undergraduates who want to develop their expertise in particle technology for industrial application and, upon graduation, continue their Master in Engineering in Particle Technology, either full-time or part-time while working in industry. The 4+1 program will be managed and advised by the Director(s) of Particle Technology.

Admission Requirements

  • A program GPA of 3.25 or higher in STEM undergraduate coursework (see STEM GPA Conversion Chart).
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Completion of 60 credit hours.
  • An application to the 4+1 program before fall of senior year, but preferably before fall of junior year
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Resume/CV (1-2 pages)
    • Graduate application essay
    • Supplemental documents:
      • 4+1 BCHE/MEPT Curriculum Advisory Plan (signed by your advisor)
      • STEM GPA Conversion Chart
    • NOTE: GRE waiver can be requested
  • Completion of the following undergraduate course prerequisites:
    • Engineering thermodynamics: CHEG 231, CHEG 325
    • Calculus, ODE’s and linear algebra: MATH 243, MATH 305
    • Physical chemistry: CHEM 444
  • Note:
    • 4+1 BCHE/MEPT is a competitive application process.
    • Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are not guaranteed admission.
    • No one element of the application will exclude or ensure admission.

Financial Support

  • Funding is not available to undergraduate students in the MEPT 4+1.
  • The Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering is pleased to offer a reduced graduate tuition rate to students in the 5th year of the MEPT 4+1 – $1250/credit hour – more than $500 less than the University of Delaware graduate tuition rate.

Program Requirements

  • MEPT courses will be taken for credit with standard grading (A, B, etc.).
  • MEPT courses taken as an undergraduate are eligible for transfer into a graduate engineering degree program in the following circumstances:
    • The student earns a grade of B- or better.
    • The student maintains an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Up to two courses (6 credits) may be dual-counted on the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree transcripts.
    • One or more courses (3 or more credits) taken during an undergraduate status (and not needed for the Bachelor degree) may be submitted for approval to the Director(s) of Particle Technology for a transfer of credit to the MEPT graduate transcript.
  • Before enrolling in graduate-level courses, students should meet with their advisor(s) for course approval and to complete the 4+1 BCHE/MEPT Advisory Plan & Graduate Course 4+1 Approval Forms.

BCHE/MEPT Core Course Requirements

Prerequisites for MEPT core coursework that may be taken as BCHE CHEG Electives (or as credits not needed toward the BCHE degree1):

  • CHEG 670 Particle Rate Processes: CHEG 332
  • CHEG 671 Particle Transport: CHEG 341
  • CHEG 672 Mathematics of Particle Systems: MATH 305
  • CHEG 673 Particle Properties & Characterization: CHEG 325, CHEM 444

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Preapproved Elective Courses

MEPT course electives may be taken as BCHE CHEG electives (either as dual degree credits or as credits not needed toward their BCHE degree), included but not limited to1):

  • CHEG 600—Introduction to Science & Engineering of Polymer Systems
  • CHEG 604—Probability & Statistic for Engineering Problem Solving
  • CHEG 615—Special Topics in Mixing
  • CHEG 616/MSEG 616—Chemistry & Physics of Surfaces & Interfaces
  • CHEG 617—Colloid Science & Engineering
  • NOTE: Other courses may be approved by the MEPT Program Directors as MEPT relevant elective courses.

Program Completion

  • Upon successful completion of the 126 credits required for the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BCHE) degree, students will be eligible for the BCHE degree.
  • Upon successful completion of the 30 credits required for the Master of Engineering in Particle Technology (MEPT) degree, students will be eligible for the MEPT degree.

BCHE/MEPT Course Transfer of Credits

MEPT core and elective courses are transferable into the MEPT graduate engineering degree program, as long as the student remains eligible for the MEPT degree:

  • The student earns a grade of B- or better.
  • The student maintains an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

4+1 Application FAQ's

  • How do I select the BCHE/MEPT 4+1 Program?
    • Select the 4+1 program from drop down chart: Engineering, Chemistry or Physics / Particle Technology MEPT
  • What Program of Study do I select?
    • Particle Technology
  • What do I submit under STEM Resume/CV?
    • Please upload your resume/cv
  • What do I upload for the STEM GPA Conversion Chart?
  • What do I upload for the Unofficial UD Transcript?
    • In UDSIS, "Student Center", there is a dropdown arrow on right that says "other academic" choose "Transcript: View Unofficial"; create a pdf or pic of your unofficial transcript and upload it

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1 A 4+1 BCHE/MEPT Advisory Plan and Graduate Course Approval Form must be completed with your advisor and approved by the Academic Advisor and MEPT Directors. Bookmark and Share