Program Administration

Industry Demand

The MEPT Program was developed in response to industry demand for engineers trained in the fundamentals of particle technology. We have designed the program with input from a large number of companies from a range of industries, including CPI, pharma, materials and consumer products. We have been sponsored by the International Fine Particle Research Institute (IFPRI), and many of IFPRI’s member companies are active participants in the program.

Industry Participation

Industrial participation is a critical element of our program. Since our objective is to prepare students for industrial practice, we believe that it is important to integrate application of fundamentals to real industrial problems in the curriculum. We achieve this through collaboration with industry in two areas: instruction and internships.


We actively include scientists and engineers from local industry to lecture in our unit operations and particle product design courses. This provides a mechanism for keeping the MEPT curriculum up-to-date with respect to industry practice.


We partner with companies to provide summer internships for our students and together we develop meaningful intern projects that are valuable to the company and simultaneously provides the student a meaningful opportunity to apply their classroom learning to real industrial problems. A list of past and present internship partners includes:

  • AbbVie
  • The Chemours Company
  • Corbion
  • Corning
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • DuPont
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Merck & Co, Inc.
  • PSRI (Particulate Solid Research Inc.)
  • PSE (Process Systems Enterprise)
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • West Pharmaceutical Services

New Partners

We welcome new industry participants in either instruction or internships.

R. Bertrum Diemer

Professor of Practice
335 CLB
University of Delaware
Phone: 302-831-8648
Fax:   302-831-1048
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James N. Michaels

Professor of Practice
335 CLB
University of Delaware
Phone: 302-831-0630
Fax:   302-831-1048
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