Program Overview


Master of Engineering from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware. The concentration is Particle Technology.


Undergraduate engineering programs rarely address the unique issues introduced by the particle phase. While elements of powder processing may be introduced in some chemical, mechanical or materials engineering curricula, no program provides a comprehensive background in the properties of granular systems or the design and analysis of particle products and processes. The MEPT program fills this gap by providing a rigorous, fundamental and industry-agnostic education in the behavior of particulate systems and the analysis and design of particulate processes and products.


The program is intended for engineers, either newly graduated or with industrial experience, who want to develop their expertise in particle technology for industrial application. The program builds on an undergraduate-level background in engineering, including mathematics, chemical thermodynamics, physical chemistry and transport phenomena.


In addition to rigorous and comprehensive course work in rate processes, transport, characterization, separations and product engineering, the program’s capstone element is an industrial internship, enabling the student to exit the program with practical, demonstrated particle technology expertise. We expect our students to be highly marketable within the chemical process, biopharmaceutical, materials, consumer products and energy industries worldwide.

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