Program Design

Particles are ubiquitous in industry. The majority of products produced in the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, consumer products and energy industries either include particles or are made through the agency of particles. Engineers who work in these industries will inevitably find themselves designing, scaling and troubleshooting processes or systems involving particles.

Particle technology spans multiple length scales and requires knowledge and skills that cut across boundaries of traditional academic disciplines. Interactions at the molecular length scale result in material properties at the particle length scale which in turn impact performance of processing units or particle-based products at the macroscopic length scale. There are few, if any, academic programs that span these topics with the depth and breadth necessary to prepare engineers to manage industrial problems involving particles. In most cases, these skills are learned on the job. The MEPT program is designed to provide a comprehensive education in particle technology, emphasizing both the underlying fundamental engineering science and application to industrial practice.

In addition to learning about the behavior of particulate systems and the analysis and design of particle products and processes, training in this program will enable students to communicate and collaborate across the engineering and scientific disciplines that collectively comprise particle technology.

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