Program Structure

The program is built around the fundamentals of particle behavior, particle processes, particle-based product design and engineering.  It was designed to be completed in one year.  It requires the completion of thirty credits, of which twenty-four are in courses offered at the UD campus in Newark, Delaware.  Eighteen credits are encompassed by core courses that cover the key concepts of particle technology.  Four of these courses (twelve credits) are presently taught in the fall semester and two courses (six credits) in the spring semester.  Students choose two additional courses (six credits), approved as relevant electives.  The capstone is the industrial internship (six credits) which is performed with sponsorship from one of a number of participating companies.

To facilitate the inclusion of practicing engineers in this program, the program is structured to allow part-time attendance, i.e. fewer than four courses per semester.  Lectures can be attended remotely using web conferencing technology, and class assignments and exams can be submitted electronically.

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