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Dear Friends and Prospective Employers:

On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, I am pleased to introduce to you candidates for professional careers at the doctoral or post-doctoral level who are or intend to be available for employment within the next year. (Download NOW)

We have a long tradition of excellence, (the "Delaware Tradition" as it is known in the profession) from the era of Allan Colburn and Bob Pigford, through Art Metzner and right up to the present. The department has consistently been rated as one of the top graduate programs in the country, and we are working hard to build on that foundation. We are one of the largest producers of chemical engineering PhDs, with more than 130 graduate students and postdocs currently enrolled. We are also a diverse department and continue to be recognized by the Sloan Foundation for our production of minority PhDs.

Many of our graduate students take advantage of the rich array of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary programs and resources to enhance their education and training. Examples include many institutes and centers, such as the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, UD Energy Institute, Institute for Energy Conversion, Center for Composite Materials, the Center for Catalytic Science and Technology, and the Center for Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics, as well as training programs such as the Chemistry and Biology Interfaces Program, and the NSF IGERT Program in Sustainable Energy. These provide our students with access to facilities, faculty mentors, and graduate student peers well beyond the scope that any one department could offer, and are crucial to our commitment to provide educational and research opportunities at the interdisciplinary frontiers of our field.

To learn more about the Department, our world class faculty and their research, and each of these students, I invite you to visit our web site. There are many changes in terms of new faculty, new research initiatives, and new leadership that will continue to make Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Delaware a premier educator of highly qualified doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Finally, the motivation and organization for this effort arises from our graduate student organization, the Colburn Club. We are proud of our students and are grateful for the energy and creativity they bring to all our endeavors. We hope that this compilation of resumes will be of benefit to all --- please share it broadly with others in your company interested in hiring students.


Abraham M. Lenhoff
Allan P. Colburn Professor and
Department Chairperson

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