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The multidisciplinary graduate program in biotechnology is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Integrative Graduation Education, Research and Training program to achieve a cultural change in graduate education that better prepares students for today's evolving work environment.

Real world problems rarely fall within one traditional academic discipline. When students graduate and enter the workforce, they will need to be able to work well with people from other scientific and engineering disciplines, as well as business people and social scientists. Our program provides students with experiences designed to develop workforce-ready skills in multidisciplinary teamwork and communication via the following features:

  • A multidisciplinary graduate course on teamwork in research. Students work together in multidisciplinary teams, facilitated by experts in productive teamwork, to propose approaches to addressing a technological challenge of their choice. The teams consist of physical scientists, engineers, life scientists and MBA students.
  • Laboratory rotations out of department and co-advised multidisciplinary projects.
  • Industrial, clinical, or national labs internship during the third year.
  • Informal meetings to develop research, networking and career-related skills.
  • Travel funds to attend professional conferences.
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