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Selected Publications

McHugh KP, Morozova OA, Colby DW. (2015). Tau Strains and their Propagation in Experimental Disease Models. In The Prion Phenomena in Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Frontiers in Neuroscience; Legname G, Giachin G, Ed.; Nova Science Publishers, Inc. p157-176.  - PDF

Morozova OA, Gupta S, Colby DW. (2015). Prefibrillar huntingtin oligomers isolated from HD brain potently seed amyloid formation. FEBS Lett 589(15):1897-903.  - PDF

Doolan KM, Colby DW. (2015). Conformation-dependent epitopes recognized by prion protein antibodies probed using mutational scanning and deep sequencing. J Mol Biol 427(2):328-40.  - PDF

Morozova OA, March ZM, Robinson AS, Colby DW. (2013). Conformational features of tau fibrils from Alzheimer's disease brain are faithfully propagated by unmodified recombinant protein. Biochemistry 52(40):6960-6967.  - PDF

Gupta S, Jie S, Colby DW. (2012). Protein misfolding detected early in pathogenesis of transgenic mouse model of Huntington disease using amyloid seeding assay. J Biol Chem 287(13):9982-9989.  - PDF

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