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Feng Jiao

Feng Jiao
Associate Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Director, Center for Catalytic Science & Technology E-mail: jiao@udel.edu
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Research Overview

The Jiao group develops novel electrochemical devices for solving critical issues in energy storage and sustainable chemical production. Currently, the group is focusing on two major research topics: (1) Electrochemical systems for carbon utilization. The team is developing high-rate carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide electrolysis processes with orders of magnitude higher current densities than conventional batch systems through innovative catalyst design and electrode-electrolyte interface engineering. (2) Nanostructured materials for energy applications. The team is investigating novel synthetic methods to prepare nanostructured materials with morphologies and compositions that cannot be accessed using existing approaches. The newly synthesized nanomaterials may exhibit unique properties as electrocatalysts and electrode materials.Breakthrough in these directions may help us address global climate changes by providing clean, sustainable, and environmentally friendly fuel and chemical supplies.

Recent News

2019-03-07: Matt Jouny won the Graduate Thesis Fellowship!

Good Job, Matt. We are proud of you! Two more to go!

2019-1-10: Greener hydrogen from water


A recent UDaily article discusses our discovery of Cu-Ti metallic catalyst for green hydrogen production from water. A patent related to this catalyst is recently granted. A full UDaily article can be found here. The Chemical Engineer also published a related story. link to the article

2019-1-8: Electrochemical ammonia synthesis and ammonia fuel cells


Ammonia is a promising platform molecule for the future renewable energy infrastructure owing to its high energy density (when liquefied) and carbon-free nature. This Research News article highlights recent advances in electrochemical ammonia synthesis and ammonia fuel cells. Full article can be found in Advanced Materials.

2018-11-12: Two new group members: Sean Overa and Haeun Shin

We are happy to announce that Sean Overa and Haeun Shin will join us in January 2019. Sean and Haeun, welcome to the Jiao group!

2018-10-14: Carbon dioxide electrolysis using a nanoporous Cu catalyst


A nanoporous copper catalyst for CO2 reduction is synthesized and integrated into a microfluidic CO2 flow cell electrolyzer with well-engineered electrode–electrolyte interface. Full story of this work can be found in Advanced Materials.

2018-08-21: Carbon monoxide electrolysis at high current densities!


We recently report a high-performance CO flow electrolyser with a well controlled electrode–electrolyte interface that can reach total current densities of up to 1 A cm–2, together with improved C2+ selectivities. A news story regarding this project can be found here. Our work is selected as the journal cover for the October issue and here is the link to full article.

2018-04-11: Dr. Jiao testified before a senate committee!


Dr. Jiao was invited by U.S. Senator John Barrasso and Senator Tom Carper to testify before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on April 11, 2018. The purpose of this hearing is to examine S. 2602, the Utilizing Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies Act (or USE IT Act). The bill covers important research and investments on carbon capture and utilization technologies, including direct air capture, carbon utilization, and infrastructure. A full record of this hearing can be found at HERE. Link to the UDaily story.