Jiao Group


The major equipment in the Jiao group includes:

  • Hansatech Clark Electrode system with oxygen detector (OXYGRAPH, PP SYSTEM)
  • Gas chromatograph (Shimadzu)
  • Xe & Hg(Xe) research source lamp (UV Fused Silica, 1.3in Collimated, F/1, 1.5 Inch) with different wavelength filters
  • Photocatalytic reactors equipped with a quartz window
  • Two-chamber electrochemical cells
  • MACCOR battery testing system
  • MBRAUN gloveboxes with solvent trap system
  • High energy ball milling machine (SPEX 8000M-115)
  • FTIR spectrometer with gas cell and standard KBr cell (ALPHA, Bruker)
  • Electrode thin film coating system (MTI)
  • Vacuum oven (MTI)
  • Coin cell crimping machine (MTI)
  • Precision Disc Cutter (MTI)
  • Potentiostats (Autolab & Princeton Applied Research)
  • Mass flow meters (MKS)
  • Tube furnace (MTI)