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Members of the UD-NPC Research Team

Each of the faculty and his student (or students) is given a page to list the interests and current projects on which he is working. Choose the faculty or student in whom you are interested from the list below.
Department of Chemical Engineering
Norm Wagner
Raphaël Pesché (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Jan Boshoff (Graduate Student)
Stanley Sandler
Jianwen Jiang (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Arora Gaurav (Graduate Student)
Jeffery Klauda (Graduate Student)
Raul Lobo
Michael A. Smith (Graduate Student)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Doug Doren
Jeff Frey (Graduate Student)
Department of Chemical Engineering (Penn State University)
Hank Foley
Michael Strano (Graduate Student, Univ. of Del.)