the wagner group

Colin Cwalina

Curriculum Vitae
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2011
The Pennsylvania State Univeristy, University Park, PA

office: 042 Colburn Lab
phone: 302-831-6738

Shear Thickening Fluid-Composites for Hypervelocity Impact Resistance in Space Suits

We wish to investigate the potential of integrating current shear thickening fluid (STF)-composite formulations into the thermal micrometeoroid garment worn by astronauts performing extra-vehicular activities as protection from micrometeoroid and orbital debris. Initially, the goal is to understand the failure mechanisms of these materials at low velocity, low strain rate impact conditions. We will then perform hypervelocity, high strain rate impact experiments. Our goal is to connect the energy and time scales associated with these different types of impact and from this information develop structure-property relationships for the STF-composite materials.