the wagner group

Stephen Ma

Curriculum Vitae
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2011
City College of New York, NYC

office: 129 Colburn Lab
phone: 302-831-0877

Generating Surface Topography on Thiol-ene Polymers
Co-advised by Dr. Christopher Kloxin

The tack and adhesive character of a material is a critical parameter in a number of applications ranging from anti-fingerprint coatings to pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). My research is focused on creating and characterizing new surfaces that are inspired from nature’s utilization of textured surfaces, which accounts for both the extreme adhesiveness of a gecko’s feet as well as the superhydrophobicity of a lotus leaf. Utilizing thiol-ene click chemistry, we are able to fabricate unique surface topologies of a polymer film as well as spatiotemporally control its chemical functionality. Our approach enables the rapid and efficient fabrication of PSAs that exhibit excellent adhesive properties upon application of light pressure and can be removed easily without leaving residues.