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Shear Thickening Fluids

When subjected to increasing shear rates, concentrated colloidal suspensions can exhibit a steep rise in viscosity. This shear thickening phenomenon can damage processing equipment and induce dramatic changes in suspension microstructure, such as particle aggregation, which results in poor fluid and coating qualities. On the other hand, this behavior can be exploited in the design of damping and control devices, whereby the fluid can limit the maximum rate of flow through a highly nonlinear response.

It has been demonstrated that reversible shear thickening in concentrated colloidal suspensions is due to the formation of jamming clusters bound together by hydrodynamic lubrication forces, often denoted by the term ˇ°hydroclusters? The microstructure of shearing suspensions has been studied by rheo-optical experiments, neutron scattering and stress-jump rheological measurements. The onset of shear thickening in steady shear can now be quantitatively predicted for suspension of hard-spheres and electrostatically stabilized dispersions.

The diagram below illustrates the shear thickening phenomenon, including schematics of the microstructure of a shear thickening suspension.

More information on shear thickening fluids in conjunction with small angle neutron scattering can be found at C&EN.


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