Research Projects

Chose projects from over 13 faculty research groups and work as an independent research student alongside Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers in the University of Delaware’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science, and Biomedical Engineering departments. Core research themes of the REU include solar energy, biomass conversion, thermoelectrics, fuel cells, and bio-inspired materials.

"Biomemetic Swimmers Powered by Molecular Motors"
(Eric Furst and Wilfred Chen)

"Characterization of Lanthanide Monopnictide Nanoparticles"
(Joshua Zide)
"Electrocatalysis for Fuel Cells"
(Yushan Yan and Raul Lobo)
"Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Conversion Using Nanostructured Catalysts"
(Feng Jiao)
"Electrochemical N2 Reduction for Ambient Condition Ammonia Synthesis"
(Bingjun Xu)
"High-Performance Polymers from Renewable Resources"
(Thomas Epps)
"Increasing the Build Rate in 3D Printing"
(Michael Mackay)
"Low Viscosity High Conductivity High Storage Capacity Nanoparticle Suspensions for Flow Batteries via Nanoscale Engineering"
(Norman Wagner)
"Lubricants from Biodiesel: Catalytic Acylation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids"
(Raul Lobo)
"Capture and Recycle of Aqueous Phosphate Using Zirconia Adsorbents"
(Raul Lobo)
"Peptide Synthesis and Assembly"
(Chris Kloxin)
"Pharmaceutical Protein Structure, Stability, and Interactions"
(Chris Roberts)
"Synthesizing and Characterizing Nanoparticles for Photon Upconversion and Solar Energy Harvesting"
(Matthew Doty)
"Thermophotovotaic Metamaterials"
(Stephanie Law)

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