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Fall 2011 Lecture Series

Fall 2011 Lecture Series -

ChEG Seminars

All seminars are at 10 a.m. in 102 Colburn Lab unless otherwise stated.

History of Named Lectures:

  • Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecturers
  • Jack A. Gerster Memorial Lecturers
  • Kurt Wohl Memorial Lecturers
  • Robert L. Pigford Lecturers
    February 3
    **Co-sponsored by Delaware Biotechnology Institute**
    Sang Yup Lee
    Host: Terry Papoutsakis
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology,
    College of Life Science and Bioengineering
    "Strategies for Metabolic Engineering of Microorganisms"
    February 24
    Scott Diamond
    Host: Millie Sullivan
    University of Pennsylvania
    Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    "High Throughput and Multiscale Patient-Specific Systems Biology"
    March 9
    Karen Winey
    Host: Thomas Epps
    University of Pennsylvania
    Material Science & Engineering and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    "Hierarchial Structures in Precise Acid- and Ion-Containing Polymers"
    March 23
    Jack A. Gerster Memorial Lecture
    B.S. Chemical Engineering 1981, University of Delaware
    Erik Fyrwald
    Host: Norm Wagner
    "Water - The Next Oil?"
    April 13
    Kurth Wohl Memorial Lecture

    Enrique Iglesia
    Hosts: Dion Vlachos & Jingguang Chen
    University of California, Berkeley
    Chemical Engineering
    "Confinement Effects and Catalysis by Acid Sites and Metal Clusters"
    April 27
    Kristala Jones Prather
    Host: Maciek Antoniewicz
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Chemical Engineering
    "Parts, Devices, and Chasis in Support of Metabolic Engineering"
    May 4
    Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecture
    PhD 2003, Chemical Engineering University of Delaware
    Peter Tessier
    Host: Bramie Lenhoff
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Chemical & Biological Engineering
    "Antibodies by Design"
    September 9
    Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecture
    Klavs Jensen
    Host: Tunde Ogunnaike
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    "Shrinking and Accelerating the Lab - Microreactors in Discovery and Development"
    September 23
    David Schaffer
    Host: Millie Sullivan
    University of California, Berkeley
    Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    "Molecular Engineering of Extrinsic & Intrinsic Cues to Control Stem Cell Function"
    September 30
    William Bentley
    Host: Maciek Antoniewicz
    University of Marlyland
    The Fischell Department of Bioengineering
    "Biofabrication for Interrogating and Modulating Biological Signaling: Honing in on Quorum Sensing
    October 28
    **Rescheduled from October 14**
    Silvina Tomassone
    Host: Mike Klein
    Rutgers University
    Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
    "Multiscale Molecular Simulations on the Dispersion and Rheology of Silica Nanoparticles in a Polyethylene Melt
    November 4
    Kurth Wohl Memorial Lecture

    Nicholas Abbott
    Host: Bramie Lenhoff
    University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemical and Biological Engineering
    "Colloidal and Interfacial Phenomena in Liquid Crystalline Systems
    November 18
    Robert Davis
    Host: Jingguang Chen
    University of Virginia
    Chemical Engineering
    "Some Current Challenges in the Conversion of Biorenewable Molecules over Supported Metal Catalysts
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