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Chia-Hung Tsai

  • Ph.D. Candidate: 2010 - University of Delaware
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering: 2008 - National Taiwan University

Chia-Hung obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University in 2008. He joined the Ogunnaike group in 2010. He knows taekwondo but really likes peace. He also likes playing badminton. He uses his taekwondo skills when his lab members behave badly, but he is very generous because he also gives them sweets when they are good.

Research Description

Chia-Hung is working on modeling the hemostatic process. The primary goal is to develop and validate an engineering control system paradigm for obtaining quantitative insight into how the hemostatic system regulates blood loss safely and effectively. A systems approach will allow us to consider the complex interactions in the hemostatic process and propose more effective treatments for hemostatic disorders.

Research Interests


Thesis Advisors

Babatunde A. Ogunnaike and Ulhas Naik (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware)