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Stanley I. Sandler

Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics
-- 3rd Edition

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Copyright 1999

This site contains software to supplement the 3rd edition of Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics. The software may be downloaded and run on DOS and Windows-based computers.

There are some errors in the first printing of the textbook.
You can access a list of errors here. You may also report errors.

Software Functions

The programs available for downloading at this is site are provided both as program code and as stand-alone executable modules. They perform the following functions:

calculation of thermodynamic properties and vapor-liquid equilibrium of a pure fluid described by a cubic equation of state
calculation of the thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria for a multicomponent mixture described by a cubic equation of state
prediction of activity coefficients in a mixture using the UNIFAC group contribution activity coefficient model
calculation of chemical equilibrium constants and the standard state heats of reaction as a function of temperature using a database of approximately 100 compounds.
separator Downloadable Programs

Three downloadable programs areas:

BASIC Programs, Executable Modules and Data Files


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