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How do I change my major or add a minor?

To change your major or add a minor, go to UDSIS and complete a "Change of Program/Plan" webform.

How do I change my graduation term?

To change your graduation date, go to UDSIS and complete a "Change Graduation Term" webform.

When is Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall registration?

Please check the current Academic Calendar for all registration dates.

Can I add or withdraw from a course after the drop/add deadline?

Add a course? No, you cannot add a course after the drop/add deadline.

Withdraw from a course? Yes, you can change your registration to withdraw, audit, or pass fail from a course without academic penalty up within the first 8 weeks of the semester. The deadline is always listed on the Registrar’s website. There is a $25 fee associated with any registration change after the drop/add period.

How do I change my registration to Pass/Fail, Audit, or Withdraw?

There is a one-time $25 processing fee per term for schedule changes made after the free drop/add period. All changes must be made prior to the 8-week deadline.

For domestic students, visit WebReg and select "Edit" to change to Pass/Fail or Audit or select "Withdraw." Auditing or Withdrawing from a course can affect some scholarships or financial aid contracts, so please make sure you check your personal contract to verify it won’t cause any problems by calling 302-831-2126.

For international students, complete the course permt/schedule change form. The Office of International Students and Scholars (302-831-2115) will ensure your Visa status will not be affected before they approve the form.

What is Pass/Fail?

Pass/Fail (P or F on transcript)
Students select Pass/Fail when they think they will still pass the course (D- or above) but do not want a lower grade factored into their GPA. Also, when you receive a "P," you will still "earn" the credits at the end of the semester (even though they do not count towards graduation*). This can be helpful if a student has a contract that requires him or her to "earn" a full-time credit load to maintain a scholarship.

Students may elect to take one course per semester pass/fail. Please note: if you Fail a "Pass/Fail" course, a failing grade will be factored into your GPA, but passing grades do not factor into your GPA.

*Courses taken as pass/fail will NOT count towards graduation. (i.e. Do not take a course pass/fail if you want it to count for a Breadth requirement, Major or Minor requirement, or a Technical/CHEG Elective.)

What is Audit/Listener status mean?

Audit/Listener (L on transcript)
Students may take a class as an auditor/listener. You will not receive a grade in the course and do not usually take exams or complete papers. Changing a course status to auditor/listener is an option that students sometimes use if they are not succeeding in a course. However, some professors require the student still attend the class as a Listener. This rule is dependent on the professor, so always check. If you do not attend a class that has required attendance, you could receive an "L/Z" on your transcript.

What does it mean to Withdraw from a course?

Withdraw (W on transcript)
If you wish, you can drop a course without any penalty before the registration deadline. If you withdraw from a class after this point, a "W" will appear on your transcript next to that course, and you will not receive credit for the course, or a grade in it. The deadline for withdrawing from a course is during the 8th week of the semester.

Often students ask, "Does a W look bad on a transcript?" While a "W" doesn't look good, it's better than the alternative. A "W" looks better than an "F," and it will not affect your GPA.

Does an Auditing or Withdrawing from a course make me less than fulltime?

Your full-time status is determined by your credit load as it stands immediately after free-add drop is over. If you withdraw from or audit a course, you are still "enrolled" in it, but you are getting a grade of "W or L" in that course. While you are "enrolled" full time, you will only "earn" the credits with Standard Grading designation.

However, some international visas, athletic or academic scholarships, and grants require you to "earn" a full course load at the end of each semester. This is dependent upon your individual contracts. Therefore, you will need to check with the Office of International Students & Scholars (302-831-2115), Financial Aid (302-831-2126), or Athletic department (302 831-4006).

What if I need to drop after the 8-week deadline?

Under extreme circumstances (such as severe illness) students may appeal to the Assistant Dean's office (302-831-8659) to Withdraw from the course after the 8-week deadline. Pass/Fail or Audit is not available under any circumstance after the 8-week deadline.

Other Registration questions?

For other Registration questions, please visit the Registration Help page at the Office of the Registrar site.

Scholarship questions?

The department does not have access to any of your financial or scholarship information. Please contact Student Financial Services at 302-831-2126.

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