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Memorial Lecturers

Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecturers Jack A. Gerster Memorial Lecturers
Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecturers Kurt Wohl Memorial Lecturers

All seminars begin at 10 a.m. in 102 Colburn Lab unless otherwise specified.

2016 Fall Seminar Series

September 16
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Daeyeon Lee
Host: Millie Sullivan
University of Pennsylvania "Toward Scalable Nanomanufacturing Using Capillarity"
October 7
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Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecture
Bradley Olsen
Host: Thomas Epps
Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Revisiting the Physical Chemistry of Polymer Networks"
October 21
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Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecture
Jonathan Dordick
Host: Wilfred Chen
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute "Exploiting the Interface of Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science to Generate New Therapeutic Outcomes"
October 28
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Yunfeng Lu
Host: Feng Jiao
University of California, Los Angeles "Life is Good: A Journey from Energy Storage to Protein Therapeutics"

November 4
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Co-sponsored by Biomedical Engineering
Efrosini (Efie) Kokkoli
Host: Terry Papoutsakis
University of Minnesota "Design of ssDNA Micelles and Nanotubes for Targeting Cancer"
November 11
December 2
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David Sholl
Host: Bingjun Xu
Georgia Institue of Technology "Developing New Nanoporous Materials for Practical Applications Using Computational Modeling – How Close Is the Dream to Reality?"

2016 Spring Seminar Series

February 26
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LaShanda Korley
Host: Thomas Epps
Case Western Reserve University "Exploiting the Structural Diversity in Nature as a Path Toward Mechanical Enhancement"
March 4
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Randall Snurr
Host: Bingjun Xu
Northwestern University "Metal-Organic Frameworks as Tunable Platforms for Chemical Separations and Catalysis"
April 8
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Douglas Clark
Host: Dave Colby
University of California, Berkeley "Protein Engineering for New Biocatalysts and Advanced Biomaterials"
April 22
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Kurt Wohl Memorial Lecture
Craig Hawker
Hosts: Thomas Epps & April Kloxin
University of California, Santa Barbara "Novel Chemical Building Blocks for Functional Material Platforms"
May 6
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Thomas Truskett
Host: Arthi Jayaraman
University of Texas at Austin "Inverse Design of Interactions for Assembly"
May 13
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Allan P. Colburn Memorial Lecture
Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2010
Michelle O'Malley
Host: Millie Sullivan
University of California, Santa Barbara "Exploiting Anaerobes for Biomass Breakdown and Sustainable Chemistry"
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