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Chemical Engineering Centennial

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Centennial Reunion
September 19 - 21, 2014

2014 is the centennial of chemical engineering at the University of Delaware, and we will be celebrating this milestone with various events. The centerpiece will be a Centennial Alumni Reunion on the UD campus on the weekend of September 19-21. We will also recognize the successes of our alumni through features on this web site. A book describing the history of chemical engineering at Delaware will be available starting this summer. All aspects of the centennial are accessible on the centennial web page.


Now accepting applications for Fall 2014

M.Eng. in Particle Technology

2014 Summer Research Review: 2nd Year Talks

The 2nd year Graduate Students will present their research thus far at the Research Review on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 in both 102 Colburn & 114 Spencer Labs from 9:00 am to ~4:00 pm. The Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Research Review is for fellow students & faculty. Whether you are a Presenter, Faculty member, or Attendee, to ensure adequate lunch is provided for everyone, please be sure to RSVP for this event.

Nano shake-up: UD researchers demonstrate that processing can affect size of nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery

Significant advances have been made in chemotherapy over the past decade, but targeting drugs to cancer cells while avoiding healthy tissues continues to be a major challenge. Nanotechnology has unlocked new pathways for targeted drug delivery, including the use of nanocarriers, or capsules, that can transport cargoes of small-molecule therapeutics to specific locations in the body.

CCEI research: Center announces renewable chemicals research with ExxonMobil

The Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation (CCEI), a U.S. Department of Energy-Energy Frontier Research Center led by the University of Delaware, has announced a two-year program with ExxonMobil to research renewable chemicals from biomass. The research will focus on converting lignocellulosic (non-food) biomass such as trees and grasses to polymers that are identical to existing petrochemical products.

Neutron Day: UD hosts one-day symposium with National Center for Neutron Research

The University of Delaware's first "Neutron Day" symposium in 2012 drew about 30 participants. This year, the event attracted more than 100 attendees, reflecting the rapidly expanding use of neutron scattering as a research tool. Neutron scattering, which shows the location and behavior of atoms, allows researchers to see in real time how material structure changes with variations in temperature, pressure, and magnetic or electronic fields.

Neutron scattering experts: NSSA elects UD professors Glyde, Wagner to fellowship program

University of Delaware professors Henry Glyde and Norman Wagner have been selected as fellows of the Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA). Founded in 1992, the NSSA has more than 1,000 members worldwide who help promote neutron scattering research. Designation as an NSSA Fellow distinguishes Glyde and Wagner among the top one half of one percent of their peers.

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